Leetgion Hellion Gaming Mouse Review

Unboxing time!

Here is the outer box the way you will find it in a store, it’s a very clean and classy look with one side showing the Leetgion logo and the other side showing a small window displaying the ‘attack’ button. On the top is a embossed outline of the mouse with the words ‘Hellion’ written on it. My initial thought when I see the box is that this is not a cheap item and more a luxury buy.

Now this is COOL! When you take the outer sleeve off the two sides of the box open out revealing the mouse in it’s own clear perspex box. Whoever it was that thought of this box design is a genius, No sticky tape or twisty grips in sight. Your only about 30 seconds from gaming from this point on :).

This is the mouse out of its nice suit. I personally like the design very much, the attack key is a nice deep metallic red colour and goes well with the silver and brushed steel look and theme of the mouse. Above the mousewheel the Hellion logo illuminates as does the Leetgion logo on the back of the mouse.

Next page please for an even closer look and explanation of the components.

9 thoughts on “Leetgion Hellion Gaming Mouse Review

  1. Mouse looks awesome! Unfortunately, I have larger than normal hands…8″ so have always had very hard time finding mice good for long gaming sections. And lately it’s killing my game time! Do you think this mouse good for very large hands? Tired of spending average $300-$400 year trying new mice and trackballs out. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for registering with us :) I myself have large hands mate so feel your concern. This mouse is really good for me but obviously with mice its totally down to personal preference…What I will say for this mouse though it is definitely more suited to large hands than small and the thumb switch is in a very good location. The other great bit it’s made by the Thermalright , quality is right up there :) Hope this helps somewhat mate if you have any othe questions feel free to join us in chat on the forum or post here :)

  3. Thanks for the update. Think I will have to give it a go then. Was looking at carbon fiber kits..was going to try and make my own gaming mouse…

  4. interesting.. If you ever do go down that road please feel free to join our forums and post a buildlog :) If you want help in finding parts Im sure I have a few places :)

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