EK Supremacy CPU Water Block Review

Hello there guys and gals. Today we have here the EKWB Supremacy liquid cooling block to have a look at and give a test for you. The EK supremacy is a direct successor to the EK Supreme HF. This water block promises to be a better block in terms of hydraulic and thermal performance. EK-Supremacy is also the first CPU water block on the market which has been optimized for every modern CPU platform independently with the use of different type of jet plates to ensure the best contact with the CPU integrated heat spreader (IHS). These jet plates of different shape and thickness are enclosed with the product. With this one can achieve the optimum bow needed for obtaining best possible temperatures.

Now to the point they even state clearly on the box it beats the Supreme HF by a 2 whole Celsius. Considering that it is well known that good water blocks only ever fall between a degree or two difference shaving a further 2 Celsius off the temps is a really bold statement to make! Today we will find out if it can do it and give you guys an unboxing.

First up we will give you a brief history of EK and what they do.

EK Water Blocks

The whole EK water blocks idea came about from a guy called Edvard König in 1999 when he bought his first computer. Edvard experimented with Overclocking and quickly found that air coolers weren’t up to the task of cooling his highly overclocked system. He found out a little about water cooling and from then he aspired to build his first water block.

Edvard had a friend called Dave and Dave was highly into overclocking also. Edvard and Dave built a pressure testing device and set to work on their first prototypes.

After many sleepless nights, drawing and sketching ideas Edvard and Dave brought to surface their first prototypes, the EK-1, EK-2 and EK-3 waterblocks and soon after finally brought out their first production water block, the EK 4 pictured here

After that came the EK-6 and in 2004 the EKWW (wave water)and soon after their first gpu full cover block. From there the company started working full force into the design and development of water cooling and now they have built up a production facility of 10 cnc machines and design their blocks with high tech CAD-CAM technology and go through a very nifty solidworks flow programme. Then after a vigorous process testing the waterblocks product’s sealing to 2 bar (30psi) pressure they get shipped out. Here’s a picture of their facility

Right hope you enjoyed our brief little history lesson, now to show you the product description and specs, Next page please

18 thoughts on “EK Supremacy CPU Water Block Review

  1.  Good Review. If they would offer an option of the old style tops without the circles and if they get their nickle-plating issues really fixed (heard reports of the EN still having problems) then I would say awesome. Polls at various forums have shown about 85% of respondents hating the new tops and only 5% liking the new design with everyone else neutral. EK has basically indicated they do not care to discuss the looks of the new blocks with the public (based on a post at Xtremesystems by EK Tibor). I hope EK does the couple small things it would take to come back to being the leader in water-cooling. 

  2. It’s a tough market out there. Most of today’s premium water blocks perform very similarly and some better when coupled with one of hundreds of different configurations. In fact, performance is often so close that it’s almost a photo finish. This makes it hard to declare a solid winner.  With the best blocks separated a couple degrees at most, enthusiasts (gamers, professionals, overclockers and silent users) choose the best looking blocks as well as the simplicity of installation. It’s nice when block makers keep it simple and cover all the angles making it easy. That said, the block is far from ugly in my enthusiast’s opinion. It’s just not as clean as I’ve seen in the past. I actually like EK’s little emblem coin. I wonder how it would look if there were 2 or 4 of those around the sides instead of the top. Perhaps another shape or angle to the corners of a the block instead of circles would help it stand out. Sometimes half the advertisement and impression is best earned when the passerby gets close and realizes who makes a product. Aesthetics is subjective – that’s what makes the creativity behind it so much fun. Nice review mister Rigmods. Perhaps you could add another water block or two for comparison next round. :)

  3. Thankyou for your great post Eric. I promise I am doing my level best to bring you guys solid info and doing everything I can to get the funds up to get more blocks in for review. Pretty sure in a week or two I can get enough for either a new koolance or bitspower block for tests. Watch this space! :)

  4. Go look at EK’s own Facebook page where they premier the new SLI bridge (frosted with the circle design). That is just one sample but the customer feedback has been the same just about anywhere you go. If it were just MY tastes then I would keep my trap shut about it but when MOST of the feedback is negative someone should start listening and someone should respond. Aesthetics are subjective? Not when it comes to designing a product for the market. Aesthetics should be based on market research to satisfy the BUYING customers. 

  5. From most responses on my channels so far the feeling now is that the promo pictures dont do it justice and only looks at its best fitted to a system. Why not take your thoughts to EK themselves as Im sorry but I dont know how to help you. Maybe suggest to them your idea of a design. I suggested to them I would like to see a clear top version also for their new CSQ range on the last page, might look better but Im not sure. Im happy with it, its not ugly by any means in my own opinion. Another weird thing, Ive seen a few sites sell out of them.

  6. Their only response has been to say they will not discuss the looks and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. EK knows my position and they surely have been paying attention to the polls at various sites and the comments on THEIR OWN Facebook page. Do some research  then come back and tell me you think most people like the design. Look at their  Facebook page comments, look at XtremeSystems, look at HardOCP, look at Overclock.net. Look anywhere else you want. If you write a review of a product you should be open to how the public is reacting to said product. 

  7. Dave if they were making the block specifically for you then the design would be fine. I am just furthering your education on the issue 😉 They clearly have a product that performs great. It just does not look great at least according to most people. 

  8. Ok thats fine I understand and acknoledge it, I still like it though Rich,its a decent block in my eye. I do hope they pull something out of the bag for the people that dont like it. Im not here to sway peoples opinion, only to give my view. :)

  9. Block looks pretty decent when its in a system, if people don’t like the look that’s fine but it’s almost starting to sound like Dave’s opinion is wrong because he likes it but others don’t?Looks are always personal, their is no set standard. All us reviewers can give you is hard numbers on how it performs and are personal opinion on how it looks.

  10. It is fine that you like it, I am a bigger picture type of person. They refuse to listen to the public so MAYBE reviewers like you will hold some sway if you mention it. 

  11. As a professional reviewer myself. I can acknowledge what Dave is speaking of. All he can do is give us own personal opinion-based upon evidence and findings. It is up to the CONSUMER TO then weigh and test his evidence and base their purchase upon his and other reviews. If you base a review upon the opinions of OTHERS then you judging a product before testing and this is wrong! For example: some people think noctua fans are ugly, however I do not share this view. In regards to Dave,s review, I believe it is a fair one and the writer shows promise.  Just one tip though-a blocks shine- is not conducive to flatness, please bare that in mind. Lastly a helpful hint would be to measure the water in and out of the block with the  addition to rad air-in out. Otherwise a damn good review. 

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