Crucial Ballistix Active Cooling Fan Review

Today the guys over at Lexar Media have sent us over a ram cooler to test. Im super happy with this because it’s a perfect match with the Crucial Ballistix ram we have here and use on one of our test system’s. Now before I start I would like to give a brief history of Crucial and who they are.

Crucial is a company that started around 15 years ago and is owned by Micron Technology, one of the largest DRAM and NAND memory manufacturers on the planet. The Crucial website carries over 250,000 upgrades for more than 50,000 desktops, notebooks, servers, printers, routers, and other electronic devices. They sell and support a huge range of products from Solid State Drive’s to USB memory sticks.

They pride themselves on testing every module before it leaves their door and also their industry leading warranty services.

Now I bet some would say why have a ram cooler? They aren’t bolted onto all machines as standard so why? Its a great question and easily answered.

We are talking enthusiasts here and I would like to point out this is an essential tool if your into benchmarking or using your system to it’s maximum. Ram cooler’s eliminate the dead spots of airflow around your memory area and as all enthusiast’s know heat is the enemy. A ram cooler is a perfect thing to be using if your water cooling to get much needed airflow around your power components.

Even most air CPU coolers sit high on a motherboard and pull air across its fins but no air flows around the components below. Sad news if your an overclocker looking for great OC’s but not if you have one of these solutions. Overclocking is an art that demands all boxes ticked, this cooler tics one of those boxes essential boxes.

Here is the specs

Dimensions: 155mm x 77.6 mm x71.6 mm
Weight: 200g
Fan: 2 x 60mm
Air flow: 15CFM
Noise level: 25 dBA (28 max)
Bearing type: sleeve bearing
Power: 12V DC
3 pin power connector
4 pin Molex included
Warranty: 1 year limited

Lets start the unboxing shall we?

Here’s the box, its very robust and well presented, very nice. Through the window you see the cooler and on the sides of the box you get the specifications.

Inside the box you will find a little box with the mounting kit.This consists of two thick steel plate’s and four thumbscrews. At the bottom of the plates they have rubber runners so you dont scratch your lovely hardware, something badly missing from the Corsair Dominator cooler I also own. Installing is very self explanatory but crucial have supplied instructions in the box.

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