Cooler Master Announce The Eisberg Prestige Liquid Cooler

Hi guys today Cooler Master sent us a video showing a promo for their new liquid cooling solution, the Eisberg Prestige. This cooler from what we see is a Pump/resevoir/block combo and also looks like you can use your own tubing and radiators, finally! From the vid we see that the unit has:

A fill/drain port
Compression fittings built in for 1/2 ID 5/8 OD tubing but we cant be certain on the size
integrated pump
liquid level indicator
Braided cable

It also seems you can buy this as a full kit and separate unit for full customisation. Hats off to you this time CM it looks like a clear win!

Enjoy the video and Let us know what you think by commenting underneath :)

One thought on “Cooler Master Announce The Eisberg Prestige Liquid Cooler

  1. Coolermaster make great products, will be interesting to see the performance. Looking forward for a Rigmods review!

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