Big changes coming to Battlefield 3 patch

Alan “Demize99″ Kertz Has posted some of the big changes to the attachments coming in a future patch to battlefield 3

He has also been answering a lot of questions about other fixes and balancing, posted below is a list of all know changes.


The Foregrip is for players who who are in close combat and highly mobile fighting situations. It reduces the horizontal recoil forces that make maintaining a consistant aim on target difficult, however it makes aimed shots more difficult.

+34% reduction in horizontal recoil (adjust based on gun)

-20% penalty to base accuracy when aimed


The Bipod is for Players who wish to setup a position and hold it against the enemy, or make long range shots effectively. When deployed recoil and dispersion are substantially reduced and scope sway is eliminated (except under suppression).

+Reduction in horizontal and vertical recoil (% depends on gun type)

+Reduction in dispersion (% depends on gun type/ammo type)

-Has to be setup to get the benefit


The Suppressor is for players who are mostly focused on Stealth. It uses low velocity rounds, which means better stealth at the cost of reduced range. The Suppressor adds bulk to a weapon due to its size, making firing from the hip more difficult, though a high quality Suppressor provides a small aimed accuracy bonus and reduces the muzzle rise when firing.

+Does not appear on minimap when firing.

+Reduces sound and visual muzzle signature

-Reduced range for both min and max, damage stays the same.

-50% penalty to base accuracy from the hip

+25% bonus to base accuracy when aimed

+10% reduced vertical recoil

Heavy Barrel

The Heavy Barrel is for players who are focused on Accurate Aimed fire. It uses high velocity rounds, which means the bullet drop is reduced and the max range of the weapon is increased at the cost of an increase in auto fire dispersion. The Heavy Barrel adds bulk to a weapon due to its weight, making firing from the hip more difficult, though it gives a substantial increase in aimed accuracy bonus.

+Increased maximum range, damage stays the same.

-25% increased dispersion per shot

+50% bonus to base accuracy when aimed

-25% penalty to base accuracy from the hip

Flash Suppressor

The Flash Suppressor is for players who want some additional Stealth, without the range and accuracy penalties of a Suppressor. It works as a recoil compensator, reducing recoil, though it adds a slight bit of bulk making firing from the hip more difficult.

+Reduces visual muzzle signature

+20% reduced vertical recoil

-20% penalty to base accuracy from the hip

Questions from twitter, Alans answers in Bold

When asked if sniper rifles would be getting a fix in terms of their red dont/holo inaccuracy when trying to aim down sights: “Indeed”

When asked if the game could get an RPG rocket that fired at real-life speed but with realist inaccuracy: “Generally I try to stay away from inaccuracy as a balance mechanic.”

When asked if there is any chance of the Support class getting Heavy Barrel option like in the beta: “Maybe on the clip based weapons. It would be an interesting choice for them.”

When a BF3 fan said that he loved the .44 Magnum, but ‘don’t you think 5 hit kill at range is a little much. It has 6 rounds.’: “We agree, you and I.”

When asked if DICE is really thinking about nerving the javelin: “Wut? Against choppers a bit maybe.”

When a player says that they think the M320 should be removed, or that players shouldn’t be able to refill ammo for them (due to, in the player’s words, a ‘whole team using only M320′s is just annoying’): “The refill speed on them is too fast, will update.”

Also on the M320, when asked if it is near the top for most kills stats-wise: “No where close.”

When asked if an Underslung Rail on the L85 would be possible: “The L85 rail requires a substantial increase in hand guard length. Its not a prio for me at the moment.”

When asked if tracer darts might be brought from Bad Company 2 to Battlefield 3: “No tracer darts, the SOFLAM fills that role.”

So a big list of changes, why not join up to our forum and tell us what you think?

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